The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community was created 5 years ago by our TEI co-founder, Michael Dermer. It has been featured in numerous national media outlets and publications around the world. 




About The Lonely Entrepreneur

The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community is a one-stop-shop for the knowledge, tools, and support individuals need to be entrepreneurs.

This resource combines 300 learning modules, weekly group coaching, an online community, and 100s of tools and templates to enable entrepreneurs to overcome the business and personal challenges they face, get out of the "red", scale, and create jobs.

What better way to impact Tennessee than by investing in emerging entrepreneurs?




As a future entrepreneur, Jordan is 16 and shares his experience with the Lonely Entrepreneur Community.

Jordan N.

As a woman entrepreneur, Megan shares her experience with the Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community.

Megan S.

Roman shares why getting advice from friends and family doesn't compare to the Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community.



From Corporations & Non-Profits


Lyneir Richardson, Former Head of Economic Development for Presidential Candidate Cory Booker Executive Director of the Rutgers Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED). Chief Executive Officer - The Chicago TREND Corporation (A MacArthur Foundation and Chicago Community Trust funded social enterprise aiming to stimulate retail development and accelerate neighborhood transformation.)

Entrepreneurship is essential to economic growth in our communities. Successful urban entrepreneurs constantly leverage new skills and knowledge.  The Lonely Entrepreneur and its Learning Community provide educational resources and ongoing support to diverse individuals in all socioeconomic circles. I believe that the The Lonely Entrepreneur platform will enable us to reach our goal of helping a 1,000 urban entrepreneurs get to $1 million in annual revenue.

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